The Complex Security Dynamics of West Africa.

How did a bunch of rag tag militia hold its ground against three of the regions most powerful nations and in the span of just three years rose to become the deadliest terrorist group in the world, much to the chagrin of ISIS?

The answer is simple, an almost inexhaustible supply of weapons, weapons that includes large quantities of anti-tank and anti-amour munitions, weapons designed to negate Nigeria’s advantage in heavy amour. Some of these weapons include anti-tank guided weapons, several varieties of rocket with tandem warheads designed to take out armoured vehicles and an insane array of IED’s.

Looking back a decade ago its hard to believe West Africa was once the most democratic and progressive regional bloc in all of Africa.

But by the mid eighties the security situation in the regional bloc was becoming complex. First the Chadian incursion into Nigerian territory in the mid eighties, necessitating the Nigerian army’s brutal response was not condemned by the U.N. Instead Nigeria was accused of its disproportionate use of power and tagged a bully, consequently requests by the NAF for mid-air refueling and advanced weapons suites for a Squadron of its new Jaguar fighter jets were flatly denied for fear Nigeria would use the extended range to invade its neighbors, automatically relegating the Squadron of Jaguars to WW II iron bombs.

This caused concerned about the war threat to the regional peace and stability. Then as a result of western countries refusal to intervene in the Liberia civil war (1990) after several pleas to the UN by the regional body, Nigeria the regional giant, felt something had to be done. Hence, ECOWAS gave birth to the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) and it became a non-standing military force consisting of land, sea and air components.

The birth of ECOMOG created a new security strategy of peacekeeping that has never existed in Africa, and i dare say the world. The primary goal of the ECOMOG peacekeeping operation was to halt armed conflict and prevent its recurrence.

Of course the powers that be made several attempts to sabotage the new military arm of ECOWAS. Based on the grounds of distrust and fear, the Liberia peacekeeping operation (1990), the Anglophone countries led by Nigeria were prepared to assist the embattled country of Liberia but the Francophone countries, who viewed it as a kind of imperial strategy used by Nigeria to interfere in the decision-making processes of smaller member countries were opposed to military intervention.

Although, some non-member countries have exploited the situation and have discouraged member countries from active participation in ECOMOG operations. Ironically, when some of these member states are overwhelmed by their internal security and peace, they start seeking and pleading for intervention by ECOMOG under Nigerian active participation. For example, Guinea-Bissau under the leadership of President Veira was uncooperative to the effort of ECOMOG until he was attacked by his political opponents. But, unfortunately, the Nigerian government refused to assist him and he was overthrown by his opponents.


The Price for PEACE : $10 Billion !!

ECOMOG has been an evolutionary non-standing military organization that has changed the face of West African peace and security for the better. Nigeria spent $10 billion on peacekeeping over the last decade in more than two dozen missions. Nigeria’s windfall from oil sales in the Gulf War in 1991 was wasted on the Liberian civil war. As high the price can be, it was worth it.

In a little over a decade Nigeria’s economic and military might brought stability to the region, changing one of the most volatile and coup-ridden regions in the world – West Africa, to the most democratic and peaceful region in Africa.

Today West Africa is fast approaching Middle Eastern status, its already home to the deadliest terrorist group int he world. A Nigeria mirred in one form of conflict or the other for the last decade West Africa has become a global free for all, with Morrocco, the United States, France, Chad all pitching their tent in the region



If Boko Haram was an independent country, it will have the 3rd largest standing army in West Africa and with more tanks and armoured vehicles than some ECOWAS member states. Besides the dozen stolen Vickers MK III Eagle tanks, how could Boko Haram amass so much weapons associated with national armies than terrorist militias?

These weapons didn’t just come from Ghadaffi’s plundered armoury, that was seven years ago. Supplies of material from foreign parties – notably the French and her vassals have indirectly allowed Boko Haram to obtain substantial quantities of munitions. The clandestine operation to replenish Boko Haram was set-up with plausible deniability in mind. You gotta realise France and Russia leads the world in the area of deception or maskirova as the Russians call it, on a strategic level.

France does not actually hand the weapons to Boko Haram, but the systen they’ve built up leads precisely to that end.

Weapons left behind by fleeing Boko Haram insurgents during military operations by the combined air and ground to capture Camp Zero, Boko Haram’s last major stronghold in the Sambisa forest.

As much as %80 of Boko Haram’s arms and ammunition were found to have originated in Chad, France and other North African states. The Jihadi group was able to obtain much of its arsenal as a result of covert support from the powers that be. The supply route is controlled by Chadian and French. With high-tech surveillance infrastructures it will be impossible for to smuggle that much arms without detection. Virtually impossible.

They do this purchasing by purchasing “large numbers” of European arms and ammunition and then diverting them to nonstate actors in West Africa. Supplies of materiel into the Nigeria’s internal conflict from foreign parties—notably France, Chad and Iran have indirectly allowed Boko Haram to bounce back each time she is on the verge of complete collapse over and over and over and over again.

Boko Haram received most of its initial supplies by overtaking Nigerian army military positions, but later vastly received a massive boost from the French via her vassal from 2014, this is when Boko Haram began rapidly seizing territory.

As Boko Haram began to take territory the size of Belgium, the France continued to train and fund Boko Haram rebels via fake abductions, using local allies like Chad and Cameroon as intermediaries. It 2016 the Nigerian government criticized a joint Cameroonian and French decision to release captured Boko Haram Commanders and $3 million to Boko Haram in exchange for the release of abducted French and Cameroonian citizens, without consulting with the Nigerian government.

What will it take for the Nigerian government to realise the Boko Haram conflict is no longer a localised internal conflict, but a game of geopolitical Chess at the expense of over 30,000 lives lost and millions displaced ? A nuclear strike on Abuja?

This is too much to be a coincidence, the pattern is the same. Nigeria’s so-called allies in the fight against terror are deliberately backing Boko Haram and other potential militant groups in order to stir internal unrest and undermine the Nigerian government.

Of course, Ze French has repeatedly denied accusations of collusion with militant groups, and the United States has charged Abuja with committing human rights abuses via its treatment of captured Boko Haram fighters. Geneva convention bladabla….since when did terrorists become lawful combatant?

The compulsive paranoia about Nigeria by the powers that be, while misguided and unfortunate is understandable. Nigeria is a demographic power with unmatched soft power, Africa’s largest economy, a military power and a technological power house. Countries like Nigeria, just like Libya are natural targets for destruction.


2 Replies to “The Complex Security Dynamics of West Africa.”

  1. you’ve made grand claims..

    you have to start posting links and evidence on your articles to make it…. believable.


    1. Point out the claims, ill show you ubofficial evidence. “Unofficial ” because the scale of deception and coverup and the ineptitude of our leaders is almost beyond comprehension.


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