Say Hello to Tsaigumi : Nigeria’s new military drone.

The Nigerian Air Force consolidated its continental leadership in the application of military drones on Thursday with the  inauguration of its second indigenously built UAV at the NAF Institute of Technology Kaduna. President Muhammadu Buhari was given the honour of officially inaugurating the new UAV.
Chief of Air Staff Air Marshall Abubakar Sadique presenting a frame portrait of the Tsaugumi to President Mohammadu Buhari


President Mohammadu Buhari :

The technological feat is an indication that there is potential to apply the same innovative mindset to addressing other areas of indigenous technological needs.

From the military perspective, the added capacity for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance provided by the TSAIGUMI will boost ongoing and future security operations.

As this project moves into the next stage, which is mass production, it would create employment and possibly generate revenue as Nigeria’s first military export product,’’ 

“While I commend the Nigerian Air Force for this accomplishment, I enjoin you not to rest on this achievement but to strive harder in your research and development efforts for greater innovation.

“Be assured of this administration’s support towards the attainment of greater technological milestones for our nation.’’


Buhari reiterated the commitment and firm resolve of his administration to take Nigeria to the next level of growth and development.

“Let me again commend the Nigerian Air Force leadership for thze unprecedented feat it has attained on Research and Development.

“I am aware that the Air Force was the overall best in the recently concluded 2017 National Technology and Innovation Exposition under Research Institute category.

“It is indeed most gratifying that the Nigerian Air Force has gone a step further than simply acquiring them, to developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capabilities with indigenous technology.

“This outstanding accomplishment, which we are gathered today, holds promise of both military and economic benefit to the nation.’’

2018-02-16 01.17.12





Chief of Air Staff Air Marshall Abubakar Sadique;  

“The unmanned vehicle has a “mission range of 100 km, a service ceiling at 15,000 feet and operational endurance of about 10 hours.”

” NAF Research and Development Centre established in 2015, “has so far successfully repaired the CH-3A Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) that had been grounded for over four months due to the lack of spares.”

“Since its reactivation on 2nd January 2018, the UCAV has conducted several missions which have positively impacted on our Operations in the North East.` As I speak, the UCAV is engaged in combat missions in the North East.”

Only last week it acquired and destroyed Boko Haram Terrorists and their equipment in the Sambisa general area.

“We have also tasked the centre to address gaps in specific areas of operational needs of the Service.

One such area of need has been that of enhancing NAF’s Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to meet national security imperatives.

“In this regard, AFRDC has been charged to build capacity to maintain all ISR platforms that are currently in the Service.

Similarly, the AFRDC was tasked to operationalise the Gulma UAV prototype taking into cognisance the peculiar challenges associated with our operating environment.

“It is gratifying to state that the efforts in this direction have, yielded positive results which include among others, the production of the TSEGUMI UAV.’


Wing Span : 6.8 metres.
Body length : 8.6 metres
Tank load : 259 kg for UAV and 1200 for UCAV
Maximum Takeoff Weight : 2500-2800 kg
Cruising speed : 70-205 km/h
Maximum Speed : 250 km/h
Range : 11,000 km/h
Service ceiling : 6,000 metres
Power plant : 128KW




4 Replies to “Say Hello to Tsaigumi : Nigeria’s new military drone.”

  1. This is a great feat considering that the institute was inaugurated 2 years ago I pray we improve on this and even produce armed UAVs.


    1. As far back as the early 90’s we were building trainer aircrafts like the Albatross or Air Beetle. We had a missile program, we were conducting missile tests at the Ekpe missile range. We should have companies on par with Dennel by now. All that kmow-how is lost. We re starting from scratch. Well, better late than never I guess.


  2. Once a Nation misses it at the Leadership/Political level, every other aspect will follow suit. No matter how many Eisteins the nation has. That is the situation Nigeria found herself in. It is absurd that a nation that built and tested a SAM in the late 1960’s is celebrating the lauching of a Drone in 2018 while SAfrica is building combat helicopters, long range missiles and avionics. ut ‘it’s better late than never’. Gob bless Nigeria.


    1. So true. In the mid eighties DICON was producing the Air Beetle, a trainer aircraft with a promising export potential. Fast forward 2018 we borrow Super Mushank from Pakistan.


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