Libya : From Africa’s Richest to Most Troubled

In 2011 NATO began its military intervention in Libya, French fighter jets were deployed over Libya on March 19 2011. The operation triggered an event that changed the face of Africa.


We came. We saw. He Died.

– Hillary Clinton.

When Libyan leader Muammar Ghadafi “threatened” to crackdown down on protesters in Bhengazi, the UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing all member states to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, includuhg Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.

Now, it should be noted that four countries : Russia, China South Africa and Germany abstained from voting in military action in Libya.

After thousands of bombs and missiles hit their targets, it became clear that for NATO allies, protecting civilians in Libya meant wiping out Ghadaffi’s military, and targeting the Libyan leader himself, and they did just that.

From the Files: Libya Uprising 5th Anniversary

Very quickly Libya descended into chaos, with many factions fighting each other, and thousands of civilians dying as a result. Islamists seized the capital -Tripoli. The country had failed to form a functional government.


The aftermath of the intervention has been tragedy of epic proportions for not only Libya, but Africa as a whole. Libya went from being one of the richest nation in Africa, to one of the most troubled. With the ensueing lawlessness, groups like ISIS found a safe haven in the ungovernable and lawless post Ghadaffi Libya.


January 2015

An attack on Tripoli hotel killed 10 people.

February 2015

ISIS begins to carry out mass beheadings of Egyptian Christians.


ISIS begins to carry out mass beheadings of Egyptian Christians.

April 2015

ISS begins the mass execution of Ethiopian Christians.


January 2016

Attacks on a Libyan oil terminal kills 18 people.

Attacks on a police training centre kills 65 people.

Six years after NATO’s military intervention in Libya, Africa is looking more and more like poorer version of the MiddleEast. It’s horrendous, people being killed in massive numbers everyday. Terrorists popping up everywhere and roaming wild.

The blood of the victims of terrorist attacks will forever be written on the forehead of Nicholas Sarkozi, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Say what you like about Ghadaffi, one cannot deny the fact that dictators naturally hate radical jihadists. Ghaddafi was anti-Jihadist, anti terrorist, and by getting rid of him, which is what the U.S and France sought to do to cause chaos and endless trouble, and to release all of the massive stockpiles of Libya’s amoury from Bhengazi all over Africa, designed to cause socio and political unrests in the rest of Africa.


They didn’t care how many people were killed, or the millions displaced. The Americans and French know that armed conflict in any country results in devastating and long-lasting consequences, and that low to middle income countries tend to be both more susceptible to armed conflict as well as the least equipped to deal with post-conflict devastation, and they have perfected the act of secretly funding terroeist grouos while attempting sabotage a nations ability to fight.

In A-STAN the CIA supplied the Mujaheeden with Stinger anti-aircraft missile, the most advanced at that time.

Nigerian troops combat operations

In Nigeria the Obama administration cancelled an already agreed upon deal for the sale of specialised combat aircraft for COIN operations. He blocked the Israeli sale of Viper Combat helicopters to Nigeria. A Pakistani C-130 laden with helicopters enroute to Nigeria was intercepted by a Saudi F-15 over Saudi air space and forced it to land. Needless to say the package never got to Nigeria.

Yet the Obama administration was either complicit, or chose to turn a blind eye to France and her vassals paying $13 million in ransome payment to Boko Haram every year.

In Syria the U.S military incredulously released $500 million to train FIFTY ” moderate terrorists “, or whatever misnomer they chooses to call them.


It doesn’t end there. Of the 50 fighters to be trained only four or five people actually receive training. This coming from a country that owes China $3.7 trillion, owes Japan $1.2 trillion and has a domestic debt of $17 trillion, with ageing infrastrucure.

This is the training initiative of Barack Obama, a Havard Law School graduate, for retaking Syrian territory from ISIS. If this doesn’t stretch the capacity of your mind to comprehend, then nothing will.


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