Is the CH-3 Rainbow Back in Action? Video Footage.

With the fall of Sambisa there has been a relative lull in Boko Haram attacks in recent times. As a consequence the strike component of the NAF Reconnaissance Squadron withdrew its attack drones from operations. However, a spike in attacks in the last week by a seemingly invigorated Boko Haram. The world’s deadliest Jihadi group seems to be making a comeback with freshly supplied weapons it would seem. These guys are being resupplied with new weapons and materials it would seem. (More on that in another time )

With Boko Haram gradually making a comeback, the Strike Force of The NAF reconnaissance Squadron seems to be making a comeback as well.

January 16 2018

A NAF Super King Air 350I reconnaissance aircraft on a night patrol registers several heat sources on its thermal imagery in a location where there shouldn’t at night. Flying lower to investigate, the noise of the turboprop plane ( sound travels twice as fast at night) alerted the fighters who scampered to their anti-aircraft gun trucks.

January 17 2018

A higher flying, lower profile armed CH-3 Rainbow drone is detailed on a search an destroy mission around the location was being used as a Boko Haram vehicle workshop.

The CH-3 discovered several Boko Haram motorcycles and two anti-aircraft gun trucks in addition to several vehicles, including a BHT Commanders vehicles, Additionally several BHT (Boko Haram Terrorists) were seen moving intermittently within the target area.

The CH-3 attack drone lets lose a pair of air to ground missiles on the unsuspecting barbarians, resulting in the immediate destruction of the vehicles in the target location, killing all the BHB (Boko Haram Babarians) inside the vehicles, and hovering around to search for survivors. After hovering around for ten minutes no survivors were seen scampering from the missile impact. The drone returned to base. Mission Accomplished.



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At the start to the 2018 season it’s the Nigerian Air Force 1 Boko Haram Babarians 0


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