The Ballistic Missile Warning Alert was NOT an Accident.

On Saturday the 13th of January 2018, there was pandemonuim in the beautiful island of Hawaii for about 40 minutes after a “false emergency alert” notice was issued :

This ballistic missile alert was sent to thousands of people’s mobile phones, and an alert also appeared on television.

But a false alarm? Really?

During the half a century long cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union with as many as 30,000 nuclear capable ballistic missiles on a hairs trigger alert targeted at each other nothing remotely close of this sort happened.

Now this incident happened in Hawai, the only state outside the U.S continental homeland, isolated from the continental USA. Hawai has a population of just 1.1 million people and is closest to North Korea.

What a perfect place for a “controlled” test to evaluate how people will respond, react and behave naturally to something like this. Now we gotta understand the strategic value of drills under “realistic conditions “. If the announcement came out and it said :


Everybody will probably look at their phone and respond to this as a stupid inconvenience and go about their business having breakfast or driving or making love. They will ignore it, and even if they didn’t ignore it they will just like pretend it was real. They will do just that PRETEND. They wouldn’t act naturally or behave normally.

But if you get this text :

The government now gets the opportunity to observe you in your real natural state. Through this controlled test they can get a better idea of how the nation as a whole would respond. The isolated state of Hawaii with its small population is just picture perfect for a controlled test like this.  They can’t do a test like this in Los Angeles or New York City or Washington or Texas. They couldn’t do it in any of these big cities, there’s too many people and it will just cause absolute chaos.

Look what happened in New Orleans after Katrina hit. There was wide-spread breakdown in law and order and looting.

So they did it in Hawaii.

I think it will be naive to believe the propaganda that this was an accident, that somebody accidentally pushed the but to during a shift change, give me a break !! The U.S government must have a very low impression on the intelligence of its citizens. The United States has the most advanced ballistic missile early warning system and command and control system. Activating anything from launching the missiles in their silos to relaying information usually involves as many as six people simultaneously.

This was an intentional event, not necessarily for a bad or nefarious reason. It was done with purpose and meaning by the U.S government to observe how their people will respond, react and behave in the event of a real ballistic missile attack.

The fact that the United States government deemed it fit to go-to such extremes regardless of the social upheaval that might ensure makes me to believe that the U.S knows a nuclear showdown is coming, and they we preparing.


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