How ceding Bakassi to Cameroon saved Nigerian from a major war.


Map of the Bakassi peninsular. Wikiland.

It would not have been a war between ourselves; it would have been a war between Nigeria, on one side, and Cameroon, China, Malaysia, France and Russia on the other side. Where would Nigeria have been? We would have been exactly another Syria. We would have been ruined

Bakassi peninsular is a 1,600-kilometre land boundary between Nigeria, near the city of Calabar in Cross River State, and the Rio del Ray estuary in Cameroon. It was an area inhabited by citizens of both Nigeria and Cameroon.

Due to population growth, which was once put at between 150,000 and 300,000 people, and the attendant increase in human activities on the two sides, the boundary that existed between the two countries became hazy.

Over time, the ownership of this area, said to be very rich in diverse mineral resources, soon became an issue of conflict between…

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