Say Hello to Nigeria’s BTR-80 Amoured Personnel Carrier.

A Nigerian soldier posses for a photo with a BTR-80 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

The infamous Russian built BTR-80 IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) entered production in 1986.

It features modernised night vision sighting for both the driver and the commander and an infrared search light. The standard operating crew includes, the driver, commander and gunner while up to 10 combat ready soldiers can be ferried in relative safety in a revised fighting compartment. 

The vehicle weights 16 tons while displaying a running lent of 7.65 metres. Independent suspension and drive powers. 


 The BTR-80 is powered by a single KamAZ V-8 diesel engine to deliver 260 hirse power at 2600 RPM.6
There is a centralised tire pressure system and can be fitted with run-flat tires, given the vehicle the capability of making several thousand kilometres with even after taking direct hits from the absence of tyre pressures. Top speed is 80-km in smooth paved surface. 

The vehicle is fully amphibous. It can transverse relatively calm waters at roughly about 10 km/h with its intergrated water jet propulsion system.

Six 81mm smoke grenade discharges is fitted to the rear of the turret. The amour is designed heavy enough to deflect or stop only small arms fire and artillery spray but was not specifically designed to withstand direct hits from large calibre weaponsm rocket propelled grenades or anti tank missiles.


The vehicle is armed with a  turret mounted 14.5 mm machine gun and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The turret is modified for better elevation angles to enable it engage low flying aircrafts.

There are seven firing ports provided for the occupants. Two of the ports are intended for light machine gun use, and the commander uses his own firing port. Troops can fire weapons from inside the vehicle, there by acting as a force multiplier of the vehicles overall firepower.

Other features includes a NBC protection systems which cuts power to the engine  and create overpressure in the troop compartment in the event of a NBC attack. It also features an automatic fire suppression and a self-recovery winch.


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