Nigerian Army Aviation : Meet the first set of decorated aviators.

The Nigerian Army has moved to the next level with the official creation of the Nigerian Army Aviation Corps, one of the very few armies in Africa with an air wing independent of the Air Force.  The first set of Nigerian Army pilots trained by the Nigerian Army Aviation School to fly combat aircrafts were decorated 13 December 2017.

The 19 young pilots had undergone a two year intensive training and completed their primary flying training at the International Helicopter Flying School (IHFS) Enugu. 

The initiative to train pilots is in accordance with the vision of the current leadership of the Nigerian Army under the leadership of Lieutenant General Tukur Burarai in transforming and enhancing its operations and efficiency of its personnel. 
The essence of the Aviation Corps is to enhance the fighting capabilities of the Nigerian Army in its Counter-Insurgency in the northeast and across the country. According to the Chief of Air Staff the Nigerian Army was tailored to materialize usung its own platforms and re-positioned to double its achievement in the year 2018.

Nigerian Army Aviation Corp Components.

Gazzele helicopters

Mi-35 Hind attack helicopter

Eurocopter SuperPuma utility helicopter 

Augusta Westland utility helicopter.



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