The End of Boko Haram. Who takes Credit?

Despite the recent spate of Isolated suicide attacks by Boko Haram, the hitherto deadliest terrorist group in the world is largely a spent force. It’s ranks decimated by the Nigerian army and air force, its 66,000 sqr km fortress – the Sambisa forest is now where the Nigerian Army hold small arms championships and sporting competition.

According to the most recent Global Terrorism Index overall the world saw a 13% decline in the number of terror related deaths last year. The largest improvement occurred in Nigeria, where the deaths attributed to Boko Haram decreased by anastonishing 80%. Let’s not forget that of the five countries impacted themost by terror :

  • IRAQ

Nigeria is the only country to have achieved this feat largely entirely alone with no Western support, on the contrary the Nigerian Army was faced with stiff opposition by the Obama administration.

Then U.S Secetary of State Hillary Clinton consistently refused to recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation. Request by the Republican controlled Senate to have the State department officially recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation was flatly rejected by the Obama administration.

Angst over Nigeria’s controversial gay legislature, the Obama administration cancelled a deal to supply the Nigerian military with aircrafts, citing Human Rights concerns with over the treatment of captured insurgents.

The Obama administration got wind of a deal reached between Israel and Nigeria for the supply of surplus helicopter gunships to the Nigeria air force to help replace weapons lost to attrition.

The deal was also torpedoed by Obama citing concerns over Nigeria’s ability to operate these aircrafts. Never mind Nigeria would probably never have been in such a precarious position if the U.S had not invaded Libya and overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, thereby destabilizing the country, leading to the flood of arms to militants in Nigeria and Mali, where France again had to intervene militarily. 

A month later the Obama administration abruptly stopped the importation of Nigerian crude, sending the Nigerian economy spiralling down to its worst economic recession in 30 years. This followed two trips to Africa, with Nigeria, the world’s 4th biggest democracy and Americas largest trading partner on the continent not on the list.

By contract the United States sent $500 million for the training of 50 ( not an exageration) So called “moderate terrorists” in Syria to to battle the Assad regime.

In Iraq America effectively armed ISIS with weapons when it sent the Iraqi army hundred of Humvees, pickup trucks, tanks and armored vehicles, as well as ammunition and artillery shells. This does not include the $28 billion given to Iraq to train and arm the Iraqi army.

Well, ISIS captured large swathes of territory in northern Iraq. The U.S trained Iraqi army collapsed in the face of ISIS advances fled and left behinds hundreds of Humvees, MI Abram tanks, howitzers, shells and rifles.


At a point 65 countries, which includes NATO Russia and Iran were involved in Syria, each side spending billions. The Obama administration provided political, military and logistic support to the opposition as well as rebel groups in Syria. 
Countries involved in Syria.
United States.

United Kingdom.





Arab League.



Saudi Arabia.

Across the Atlantic the European Union opened its doors to a million muslim refugees.
Yet of all countries battling terrorism, the largest improvement occurred in Nigeria where deaths attributed to Boko Haram decreased by 80%.  This is a remarkable feat taking into account the behind the scene saboutering and secrete funding of Boko Haram by Nigeria’s neighbors and of course France. In one instant in 2015 Cameroonian president Paul Biya paid $3 million to Boko Haram as ransome for he release of the wife of a Cameroonian minister captured by Boko Haram.

But of course this is hardly news worthy by the Western media. The few times it does foreign elements like the U.S, UK and France are taking advantage of the media to snatch the glory from the heroic sacrifices of the Nigerian men and women in uniform. The real heroes.

On CNN an American General praised the achievements of the Nigerian Army against Boko Haram. He said the Nigerian Army is winning but quickly interjected that they (the United States ) have American support have been a crucial factor in the degradation of Boko Haram.

The West are trying very hard to downplay the remarkable defeat of Boko Haram, the way they tried to downplay Nigeria’s victory over Ebola, and are editing the history of the war against Boko Haram in a way that suggests they helped clean Nigera’s mess. 

They conveniently leave out the efforts made by the Buhari administration to take the war to the enemy. The firing of the and meticulous appointment of new service chiefs. The relocation of the Operational HQ from Abuja tp Maiduguri – the epicentre of the war.  These countries shamelessly stood on the side lines condemning and making mockery of the Nigeria’s war efforts.  They discouraged other countries from coming to the aid of Nigeria when It mattered most. They clandestinely provided the insurgents with weapons to kill Nigerian soldiers and provided unsolicited support and aid to dictators bordering Nigeria.

We must not allow the saboteuring powers hijack the narrative of Nigeria’s decade ling war and sacifises in the face of adversity. Nigeria’s defeat of Boko Haram in the face of adversity is a stuff of legend and should  be recognized as such.


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