Why Nigeria must kick France out of West Africa.

Watching the news coming out of Africa it suddenly dawned on me, wait a minute, this is Africa.  As recently as 8 years ago we associated suicide bombing and terrorist attacks with the middle east. Africa has lots of problems, but Islamic terrorism isnt ine of them. Even the northern parts was relatively stable. How did Africa eclipse the middle east as the haven for radical Islamic terrorism?

How did West Africa become the home of the world’s deadliest terrorist group? with various rival factions like Al-Queda and ISIS jostling fir position? How did Kenya go from a tourist haven to a country terrorized by Al-Shahab. How why did Islamic terrorism usurpe hunger, poverty and bad governance as the biggest existential threat facing the continent?

For answers, we must go back in time.

March 19, 2011


Under French pressure U.S President Barack Obama authorizes airstrikes in Libya in support  of a ” REBELLION” to oust Muammar Gaddafi. By the end of the operation, 500,000 Libyans had lost their lives . Most by NATO airstrikes.

Months later the espionage arm of the United States repeated its 2005 prediction of a possible Nigeria breakup, this after Nigeria gave the crucial YES vote for actions against Libya in return for two Warships from the United States. A decision strongly opposed by South Africa.

In my research I discovered Gaddafi had plans to introduced the Gold Diner, a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth. 

Now this is one of the things that you have to plan almost in secrete, because as soon as you say you are going to change from the dollar to something else, you are going to be targeted. Taken over by his larger than life ego he hosted two conferences on this year’s before.

In the months leading to the attack intervention he called on African nations to join together to create this new currency that will rival the dollar and Euro. They will sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold diners.  

Backed by a cumulative 110 billion in oil reserve, it will shift the economic balance in the world. A countries wealth will depend on How much gold they have, not how many dollars they trade. This ambition is staggering. 

Libya has 144 tons of gold and has Africa’s largest oil reserve at 46.4 billion barrels. 

South Africa holds about %50 of the world’s gold resources and 38%- of reserves.

Nigeria has 41 billion in oil reserves and a natural gas reserve estimated at 192 Trillion Cubic Feet.

Needless to say any move towards that will certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today whonae responsible for controlling the world’s Central Banks.

The consequences was swift. Gaddafi’s Golden Oil Plan was bombed away by NATO, led chiefly by France. Six years later Africa is unrecognizable. It’s happened before. In 2000 Saddam Hussein announce Iraqi oil will be traded with Euros, not dollars. Iraq became a nuclear power overnight out of the blue, Sanctions and an invasion followed.


Africa’s resistance to AFRICOM was spearheaded by a nation that had emerged as the major economic and major cultural force in the continent with a GDP growth rate of %7.1, had swallowed up West Africa into its economic sphere and had been a torn to French ambition in the region for decades.

From the beginning Nigeria had been opposed to a foreign military presence in Africa, and for good reasons. It’s basically gone to war twice with its French speaking neighbors under the manipulation of France. Controlling 16 countries via the ECOWAS Nigeria’s huge oil wealth allowed it to not only create a West African economic and political integration but also to bankroll  it.

Nigeria demonstrated that regional integration was possible without depending on the West. Nigeria create its own lending institutions independent of the IMF. The Nigerian Trust Fund for example was created by Nigeria with an initial capital of $80 million with the aim of assisting in the development efforts of the poorest AfDB members.

The NTF uses its resources to provide financing for projects of regional importance to further the economic and social development of the poorest of countries whose social conditions require financing on non-conventional terms, as they are simply too poor to taken serious by the IMF and World Bank. It lends at a 4% interest rate with a 25 year payment period, including a five year grace period.

West Africa, under Nigeria’s leadership is the most successful regional bloc, rather than a series of desperate individual nations that could be deal with one on one and set against each other. Leaving the French stuck with exploiting the already desperately poor Francophone ex colonies.
This antagonize France, that was in search of more French speaking colonies to boost the number of countries that pays colonial taxes to Paris.

For France to actualize its dream of economic colonialism it will have to get through Libya and Nigeria first, who by the way are not allies.
In March 2011, as the Arab spring spread through North Africa, France and the United States decided to act. Protecting human rights provided the justification lol.

This was AFRICOM’s first war. 

In the words of the Obama administration the U.S  position in the war against Libya was that of leading from behind, well at least thats what he told the American people. What is really interesting is the fact that the war was opened and directed first by AFRICOM, and then the mission was taken over by NATO.

The intervention in Libya was a way of sending a message to other powerful African States that should they pursue a course of such radical defiance, radical independence, nationalist anti imperialist course, that there could be ultimate consequences. It’s not even hypothetical anymore. It stands as a clear signal to big African nation states that these are the boundaries at which they are to operate. Boundaries that has been set the the Amerian and French military operations. 

That threat is directed at Nigeria I kid ye not. Gaddafi is gone, so a major obstacle in the way of Franco-American military penetration of Africa has in fact been removed.

WE CAME, WE SAW , HE DIED… (laughter)

– Hillary Clinton.


Now Libya, once amongst Africa’s richest states with a relatively good standard of living is a failed state. All the refugees fleeing out of Syria, fleeing out of Libya, tons of weapons funding their way South, ravaging West Africa is because of the policies of the governments of the Unite States and France.

The late Nelson Mandela, with a broken heart famously said Nigeria failed Africa. Oh how right he was. Powerful nations have two things in common :A 

large and population .

Economic wealth.

Soft Power.

Large militaries. 

Nigeria has these in abundance. A country like Nigeria is rare on the continent. We have everything we need to become a nation militarily  powerful enough to stare down Western aggression. Because of our size and resource Africa looked up to Nigeria by default. In the 70’s and 80’s we played big brother with near perfection. Today our leaders are “genuinely” confused and clueless on the workings of being superpower.


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