Part 2.Ultimate Showdown!  Nigeria vs France vs China?

The news of the”premeditated” attack revebrates around the world. Nigeria’s action is a gift to France, the perfect rationale to execute its Libyan style demolition of  Nigeria, only this time without NATO.  The French President condemns in the strongest term the unprovoked invasion of its ally and calls for a United Nation Security Council Resolution on Nigeria. 

The Nigerian government dismisses French allegation of invasion. Nigerian boots are not in Chadian territory, how can this be an invasion? The Nigerian government says it preempted an attack, hence acted in self defence and is ready to provide evidence to the United Nations. Nigeria points to the presence of two French Frigates off the West African coast as provocative and promises to provide satellite imagery that shows the build up of military hardware and movement of troops along Nigeria’s. 

France urges the Chadian Army not to respond to the attacks just yet. In painting Nigeria as the aggressor Paris hopes the Nigerian military would hold off further attacks, buying France valuable time to deploy enough forces to the region.

Chadian passivity worries Nigeria’s military planners. Why isn’t Chad taking steps to retaliate or defend against further attacks.

As the diplomatic fallout of Nigeria’s action continues, France begins deploying two fighter squadrons into Chad and South Western Cameroon.  The Carrier Battle Group Charles d Gaulle position themselves 400 nautical off the Coast of Nigeria. Defensive systems and and cruise missile deploy with these force.

29 October 2020.

In the early morning of October 29, France launches between 10 and 15 MdCN cruise missiles at the National Space Research and Development Agency NASRDA in Abuja.  The strike took out the Satellite control Station, the administrative complex and Research station.  The missiles were fired form two French Warships operating off the coast of Gabon- FREMM Provenve and FREMM Aquitaine.

This 7 metres long fire and forget cruise missile deploys its wings after leaving the launcher then fly at around 1,000km/h using muktiole modes of navigation.
French Frigate Aquitaine in the Atlantic.

The missiles hit their mark. The entire complex is obliterated, leaving Nigeria at the mercy of French missiles. Death count : 700. Among them, 12 Chinese engineers.

Ground control station with its 3.7m S-land antennas are destroyed by the missile strike.
The administrative building destroyed by the cruise missile strike.
Smoke billows from a building in the aftermath of the surprise missile attack at the heart of the Nigerian capital Abuja.

China is furious. The Chinese Foreign Ministry issues a statement condemning attack in the strongest possible term.

We condemn all unilateral military action and the missile strike by French warships against our strategic Allyson the region, Nigeria and call for French naval vessels to leave the West African coast.

On October 29 2020 from 3.42 to 3.56 Beijing time, a massive missile attack was carried out from the Atlantic off the West African coast from two destroyers of the French Navy (Provene and Aquitaine) with 15 cruise missiles at NASDRA control station in Abuja.

As a result of the attack, a sattelite control station, A technical training building, an administrative complex, a canteen, six satellite dish and a radar station were destroyed, amongst them a dozen Chinese engineers.

We regard these actions by the French side as a gross violation of Nigeria’s territorial integrity.

I want to remind you that China considers Nigeria as its most important strategic ally in Africa.

The West are changing, and the methods of unleashing wars since the bombing of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya remain unchanged. Again, the reason for unleashing aggression is not an objective investigation, but unfounded statements, fraudulent facts,and pseudo-tubes in international organizations.

Today it is already clear that the attack by French cruise missiles on Nigeria was prepared long before today’s events.

To prepare such a strike, it is necessary to conduct a large set of activities for reconnaissance, planning, preparing flight missions and bringing the missiles into full readiness for launch.

For any specialist, it is clear that the decision to strike a missile strike against Nigeria was made in Paris long before the events in the settlement.

To protect billions of dollars worth of Chinese investments in Nigeria’s infrastructure in the near future China will be implemented a set of measures to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the air defense system of the Nigerian armed forces in protecting our infrastructural investments in the country.

In the wake of the attack launches a land invasion with 5 divisions of armour and 20,0000 soldiers. The size and capability far out match the defending Chadian army. To protect French interest in the region, the French president orders his military to assist Chad. The military task is to stop the Nigerian advance. 

Anticipating French intervention, Nigeria bought stealthy cruise missiles with 1,000 NM range from China. 

A Nigerian Air Force ATR-42 Surveillance plane from the 1sr Reconnaisance Squadron locates two French Warships transiting the coast of Gabon. With the loss of its satellite tracking and command station Nigeria relies on its fleet of airborne and surveillance aircrafts equipped with long wavelength and surface radars. As Nigeria’s air defense asset the ATR-42 can detect, identify and track ground and shipborne targets far from Nigeria’s coast. When a target or threat is located the surveillance plane provide direct information needed for interdiction and ground units.

A NAF ATR-42 Maritime patrol plane.
The crew of the ATR-42 locates the position of two French Frigate transiting the coast of Gabon.
The crew of the ATR-42 relay target coordinates to air and artillery units on the ground.
The crew of the ATR-42 relay target coordinates to air and artillery units on the ground.
Artillery crew receive target coordinates from the ATR-42 ISR plane.
RM-70 lets loose 122mm rockets. The rockets have a range in excess of 17 km.
Artillery crew launch hundreds of artillery rounds into a triangulated arc, with the hopes of scoring a lucky hit.

A blistering 800 shells is fired in the first 30 minutes.

80 Multiple Launch Rocket Artillery augmented by over 100 artillery guns and howitzer with enough range open fire with a massuve barrage that saw over 80 Muktiole Launch Rocket Systems and 200 Artillery guns firing along an area 8.5 miles long. Thats one artillery round every 15 feet, As many as 800 shells wee fired in the first 30 minutes.

The French radar operator aboard the FREM Aquitaine screamed – multiple incoming in confusion. The incoming projectiles presented a different signature from those expected. Surely these were not cruise missiles…..

The badly damaged French Frigate limps further out to sea, away from the guns of coastal artillery.

The simultaneous arrival of hundreds 122mm rocket projectiles and 155 high explosive howitzer shells confuses the air defence radar, as a result a third of the projectiles hit their mark. 

French casualties are high. Television crews transmit pictures of French crews trying to put out a fire caused by exploding shells. The shells also cripple the Provene. Two French Frigates are crippled off the West African coast. 

In the wake of the attack Nigeria’s president requests that the full resource of the nation be mobilised fully for war. With the successful attack on French ships Nigeria was under no illusion.  It was in a state of war with a European power.

NNS Thunder from the Nigerian Navy Western a command departs Apapa habour Lagos for the gulf of Guinea.
NNS Thunder sets course for the gulf of Guinea.
NNS Thunder sets course for the gulf of Guinea.
Surface ships are vulnerable to enemy submarines. An anti-submarine capable AW101 helicopter lifts off from the decks of NNS Thunder.

The Nigerian Navy deploys its flagship NNS Thunder and NNS Okpabana to the gulf of guinea. These ships were deplpyed because of their anti submarine warfare capabilities. The Anti submarine warfare capable AW101 helicopters are deployed to patrol the coasts for enemy submarines.

To be continued.


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