How the Myth of British Special Forces Invisibility was Shattered in Nigeria.

Let me start by saying this.

Great Britan is no longer great. Its basically a second rate power now.  Before the United States took over the reins as the preponderant naval power, Britannia ruled the waves from then 19th century down to world war two. The Brits have never been conquered. Like the United States, no foreign soldier have stepped foot on British soil since the days of Waterloo.  Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany until Japan did Britannia a favour the attacking Pearl Habour, bringing United States into the war. Britannia was at the forefront of military innovation. It invented the radar. It pioneered the use of aircraft carriers.

Britain had by far the best trained submariners and Special Forces. Besides the United States Britannia was the country most dreaded by the Soviet Union, not because of her nuclear arsenal – which by the way was punny, but because the British were averse to political correctness. If Britain says it will act, it will, regardless of the consequences. When Egypt nationalised the Suez canal it deployed warships, it was eventually forced to stand down by the United States and Soviet Union. Officially marking the end of Britain as a global superpower. The United States and the Soviet Union were officially the world’s superpowers. Russia in land, the United States at sea and in the air.

That notwithstanding, when Argentina’s military government invaded and seized the disputed Falklands Britain did not bother bringing its compliant before the UN or notify the United States. It sent a powerful Naval Task Force which was spearheaded by the carrier HMS Ark Royal with the nuclear attack submarine HMS Conqueror riding shotgun. The rest is history.

Britain was a benign colonial power. It hardly subjugated its colonies as extremely as the French. When France was caught supplying weapons to the Biafran separatists, London was infuriated. When repeated warnings to France went unheeded Britain began supplying Nigeria with weapons publicly and intelligence secretly. Britain had no care how It will be perceived,  it acted.

Today Britannia is a shadow of its former self. Afraid to act, afraid to trample on the sensitivity of others. Most Nigerians have forgotten that we got our sense of humour from the British. Unfortunately political correctness has killed British humour.

Britain watches as France carry on destabilizing activities against her biggest colonial power outside of India and does nothing. She watches the attack on Anglo phone Africa, the sufferings and oppression of Southern Cameroonians whose only crime is because the speak English. Too afraid to speak up against her ally.

It is bad news for the English speaking world as Britain declines further and further into global obscurity under the yoke of political correctness. It is stunning to see Britain decimate it armed forces as it withdraws from the world stage yet spend billions of dollars tax payers funding to cater for the growing number of migrants.

Nigeria, a country with 80 million Muslims have just one Sharia court, and even that is dysfunctional. Britain has EIGHTEEN. EIGHTEEN Sharia courts for Middle Eastern Muslim migrants in the heart of London.

As a consequence the only power in the region capable of championing and protecting the interest of the Anglophone countries is Nigeria, but Nigeria is being prevented from taking in this mantle by a myriad of seemingly never ending conflict.

Back to topic

There was a time when Britannia was the United States of Europe. Strong, resolute, pragmatic and not afraid to take action to protect her vital interest regadless of the outcome. British Special Forces were hailed as the world’s leading exponents in daring rescue missions. That reputation have lost some of its gloss following the failed operation to rescue Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara in Nigeria and then passing the buck on the Nigerian government.

Christopher McManus The British hostage killed in the failed rescue attempt by British Special Forces in Nigeria.

Attempting a hostage rescue no be beans. Forgive the Naija pallant. On a serious note, hostage rescue operations is an enormous gamble at the best of times and requires a great deal of luck even for the most eqipped and best trained.

Its hard enough in locations where conditions are a bit favorable.But in a place like Nigeria this is going to be a challenge in a country where the militant group Boko Haram has carved out for itself an area the size of Costa Rica and two million people have fallen under the control of the Boko Haram Jihadi group. But, as then British Prime minister Cameron said :

….in this case a small window of opportunity arose when Britain’s intelligence agencies got a firm fix on the hostages’ whereabouts.

For a start, the Special Forces Rescue team must be absolutely certain that it has identified the location where the hostages are being held, and that there is a good chance of rescuing them alive if the mission goes ahead. Most important they must have agents on the ground, preferably local agents. Electronic surveillanace via satellites or reconnaissance assets while has its limitation.

Moreover, reports that the hostages might be killed by their kidnappers meant that Mr Cameron was presented with a stark choice — attempt the mission and try to secure their freedom, or abandon them to their fate. Either way he was gonna get burned at the stake given the nature of the political correct Western society and the Liberal media.

It is to the Prime Minister’s credit that he took the former option even if, ultimately, it failed. In recent years Britain has acquired a reputation for being risk-averse when it comes to rescuing kidnapped British subjects because of the absurdity of the Liberal mainstream media that has plagued the West.

The developed world has gone from the people that stood up to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, the people who stood their ground against the threat of annihilation from the Soviets,  to a land of political correct misfits where all people want to do is smoke weed, fight for same sex marraiges, call christians who go to church ” JESUS FREAKS ” and cause trouble.

A land where hard working black African migrants  with similar cultural values who are willing to work for as little as $5 an hour and fleeing prosecution and strife are allowed to drown in the Atlantic, but the flood gates are opened to millions of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees whose value goes against the very core of European values. A land were people are afraid to take decisive actions even in the face of death because of the absurd political correct society. This is not an exaggeration. The United States is the only Western Nation with some semblance of decisiveness. When push comes to shove Americans act without a care of what anybody thinks.

For example, Paul and Rachel Chandler, the retired Kent couple who were kidnapped from their yacht by Somali pirates in the summer of 2009, were apprehended within sight of a Royal Navy warship, which was ordered not to intervene because they did not want to cause an international incident.

More recently, a plan to launch a rescue mission in Somalia to free Judith Tebbutt, a Briton who was kidnapped by terrorists while on holiday in Kenya last year, was abandoned on the grounds that it was too expensive.

Even the failed mission to rescue Linda Norgrove, a British aid worker, in Afghanistan in 2010 was “outsourced” to US forces.

But the success of the US Navy Seals mission to free two American hostages held in Somalia seems to have convinced the UK government that it was worth taking the risk.

In an ideal world British special forces with their misplaced pride would prefer not work with a foreign organisations. The Nigerian military will have its own modus operandi, as well as its own communications systems. But given the political sensitivities of operating in a foreign country, e.g the row that ensued between the United States and Pakistan over the U.S Speciak Forces Seal raid to kill Osama bin Laden the SBS probably had no alternative.

At least in failure the Government has demonstrated that it is not afraid to launch daring rescue operations when the opportunity presents itself.

Back to topic…..

British and Italian hostages Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara were killed after a Special Boat Service Operation to free them from their kidnappers went awry. Instead of the British to own up and take responsibility for their actions, they threw Nigeria under the bus. In the words of David Cameron :

“The effort to free Chris McManus from the north west of England, and an Italian hostage was launched by Nigerian forces with the assistance of Britannia”

“Chris McManus, a British citizen, was taken hostage by terrorists in Northern Nigeria in May 2011. He was taken hostage with his colleague, an Italian national, Franco Lamolinara.

“Since then, we have been working closely with the Nigerian authorities to try to find Chris and Franco, and to secure their release.

“The terrorists holding the two hostages made very clear threats to take their lives, including in a video that was posted on the internet.

“After months of not knowing where they were being held, we received credible information about their location.

“A window of opportunity arose to secure their release.

“We also had reason to believe that their lives were under imminent and growing danger.

“Preparations were made to mount an operation to attempt to rescue Chris and Franco. Together with the Nigerian Government, today I authorised it to go ahead, with UK support.

“It is with great regret that I have to say that both Chris and Franco have lost their lives. We are still awaiting confirmation of the details, but the early indications are clear that both men were murdered by their captors, before they could be rescued.

“Our immediate thoughts must be with Chris and Franco’s families, and we offer them our sincerest condolences.

“Both families have endured a terrible ordeal, and this is a devastating moment for all of them.

“The Foreign Office have been in regular contact with the McManus family since Chris’s capture. I spoke to them just before Christmas and I have spoken to them again with the news this afternoon…..

Mr Cameron thanked Nigeria’s Predident for their work and paid tribute to the UK forces who worked to bring them home.

“It was launched after the UK received credible information about their whereabouts and that their lives were under increasing threat,”a spokeswoman said.

A statement issued on behalf of the McManus family, said:

“As a family, we are of course devastated by the news of Chris’ death which we received earlier today.

“During this ordeal we have relied heavily on the support of our family and friends which has never waned and has enabled us to get through the most difficult of times.

“We are also aware of the many people who were working to try and have Chris returned to our family, and his girlfriend. We would like to thank all of them for their efforts.

“We knew Chris was in an extremely dangerous situation. However we knew that everything that could be done was being done.

“Our thoughts are also of course with the loved ones of Chris’ colleague, Franco Lamolinara, who are also coming to terms with this truly sad news.

“We now need time to grieve and come to terms with our loss.”

Prime Minister Mario Monti was informed of the conclusion to the hostage situation by British PM Cameron in personal telehone call.

It is understood between 16 and 20 SBS commandos were involved in the Nigerian-lead operation. All British forces are safe

Now, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti knew Damn well this was a flat lie. Nigerian forces never led any rescue operation. He wasn’t even privy of the raid by the British concerning his own citizen. Why he chose to help propagated the lie is best known to him. But it was irresponsible for Downing Street to throw Nigeria under the bus for its failed raid. If the raid has had been a success credit would not have been given to Nigeria.

A Nigerian group calling itself ‘Al Qaeda in the land beyond the Sahil’ announced it had captured a British man.

In August 2012, two men, who were working for an Italian building firm, were taken from a compound in Bernin Kebbi in the north of Nigeria. They released a hostage video to a Mauritanian news agency. It showed a blindfolded and bearded man in an red shirt, alongside three men in dark clothing armed with Kalashnikov rifles and a machete.

The man asked the British Government to answer the demands of the group to save his life. He called on the British people to pressurise the Government into acting, so that he could return to his family, according to Shura al Mujahideen fee Junubu Afarika, a South African Islamist website…..

One of the kidnappers said it would be the “last message” issued to Mr Cameron about the hostage. The speaker said the British government had failed to answer their demands and it was given two weeks to “take the correct decision.”



2 Replies to “How the Myth of British Special Forces Invisibility was Shattered in Nigeria.”

  1. Nice article

    But there are some discrepancies such as

    No 1) the rescue operation was spearheaded by the Brits, forcefully usurping the Nigerian military.

    No2) the Nigerian army brought an APC trying to ram the walls despite repeatedly warned by the brits.


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