Where is Nigeria’s JF-17 Multirole Fighter?


The Azebaijan Air Force has concluding a deal with China for three Squadron (thirty six) of JF-17.


The Sudanese Air Force is reportedly negotiating to buy twelve JF-17’s from China.

Argentina is pursuing co-production of the JF-17 China.

Burma is in talks with Pakistan to not only aquire a dozen JF-17, but is also in talks with China and Pakistan for local production.

SRI LANKA (order cancelled)

June 2016

February 2013.

Nigeria’s COAS (Chief of Air Staff), Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh submits a request to Nigeria’s National Assembly for $1.02 billion for squadrons of new aircrafts to replace Nigeria’s fleet of 10 F-7N Airguard to improve the war fighting readiness of the NAF.

The request was outrightly rejected.

July 2014.

The Senate Commitee of Nigerian Air Force sumbits another request for funding to replace Nigeria’s ageing fleet of aircarfts that is already stretched too thin. Price tag : undisclosed.

October 2014.

Nigeria’s COAS Alex Sabundu Badeh visits Pakistan where he reportedly announced that Nigeria will be buying between 25 and 40 JF-17 Multirole fighters, making Nigeria the first export customer with the requisit goodies ( One year worth of mantainance and spares) that comes with it.


Nigeria becomes the first export customer for the JF-17 aftet for..wait do this…..THREE JF-17 in a deal valued at $25 million.

Something Fishy?

The Nigeria Air Force issued $15.88 million for the purchase. However the 2016 budget lists $68.76 million for the JF-17 acquisition.

Why does it take too long deliver three aircrafts? Your comments will be appreciated.


One Reply to “Where is Nigeria’s JF-17 Multirole Fighter?”

  1. It takes so long because of
    1) Corruption. Some politicians probably will not make enough money from the deal.
    2) Ignorance.Our senators dont really know the difference between a helicopter and a fixed wing , a 3rd Gen aircraft and a 4th, between a drone and a manned aircraft. Some of them are asking “what do they need these small planes for anyway, aren’t there bigger ones at MMIA in Lagos?”
    3) ‘Fire Brigade Approach’ to doing things. Why should we acquire fighter jets and train hard when we are not at war with any peer or near-pear adversary? ” The fleet of CH-3 is enough for the fly boys!


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