Forgotten Facts – The Day U.S and Nigerian Soldiers Jointly Kicked ASS in Somalia. PART TWO.

February 25,1993 a company of UN peacekeepers came under a burst of sniper fire opposite the Sahafi Hotel, where foreign journalists are staying. This prompted a sustained barrage of wavy fire from Nigerian troops.

In the early hours of February 27, 1993, two companies of Nigerian soldiers and United States Marines stormed and occupied dozens of buildings in southern Mogadishu from whuch numerous sniper attacks had been staged. While U.S Marines began a weapons sweep of houses in an adjacent building, Nigerian Soldiers searched the buildings where shooting had occurred for snipers and weapons They brought out eight men and three women. They were questioned by a marine and a Somali interpreteron the rooftop, then they were les away to The Nigerian military headquarters for interrogation.

Nigerian Soldiers storm a building used to carry out sniper attacks against UN peacekeepers and arrest dozens. The aggressiveness of Nigerian troops stunned the Somali militias, who until then had yet encounter American and Nigerian assault forces.

In just over a week Nigerian Soldiers, “peace enforcers”-  disarmed dozens of Somali militias. Unfortunately Nigerian troops were lacking in fire discipline, resulting in the accidental killing of nearly a hundred civilians. Taking advantage of the public outrage, General Aidid blamed Nigeria and the United States for unevenly disarming the various warlords, leaving his own partisans vulnerable to attack and called on his supporters to “demonstrate” against foreign presence.

Operation Gothic Serpent.

In August 1993 U.S and Nigerian Special Forces flew to Mogadishu and began a manhunt for Aidid.

In October U.S Marines en route to secure the U.S Embassy came walked right into an ambush. They found themselves sorrounded by Somali Habr Gidr militias but held their ground. Several attempts by the militias to overrun U.S positions were beaten back. Unable to break the resistance the militias decided to bombard the besieged Marines with 60mm mortars.

Requests for rescue by the besieged Marines to the UN was not forth coming.  Once again the U.N proved itself to be a toothless paper tiger, ceremonial peacekeepers who are either unwilling or unable to keep the peace.  Even when shit hits the fan, the blue helmets are not allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves. Any interventions be it combat or rescue has to go up the chain of command.

The absurdly of this is mindblowing. Luckily for the besieged Marines, they were able to establish communication with a company of Nigerian troops who were guarding a major traffic circle known as K-4 a mile from the encircled marines. Wasting no time the Nigerian troops on foot covered nearly a mile on foot in less than 30 minutes to rescue the trapped soldiers.

On getting to the site Nigerian troops could see Somali militias approaching the marines in several directions. Nigerian Soldiers broke through the encirclement and let lose an immense array of rockets propelled grenades and machine gun fire, allowing the beseiged marines to escape.

The mission objective of capturing Aidid and his associates was accomplished. A week before “Black Hawk Down” Head of State Ibrahim Babangida withdrew Nigeria troops from Somalia.


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