Five Weapons of War Nigeria’s Enemies Should Fear.

While the chances of a shooting war between Nigeria and its neighbours may be remote at this point it cannot be entirely ruled out. The struggle and competition for control of resources is setting Nigeria and its Francophone neighbours on a war path. Woith that in mind here are the five Nigerian weapons the Francophone nations should fear.

Palmaria 155 mm self propelled artillery.

Developed by the Italian company OTO Melara, the Palmaria is a self propelled howitzer with a range of 400 km (250 miles). Its primary armament is a 155 mm gun. The howitzer reatyresban automatic loading system with rate of fire of one round every 15 seconds or a burst rate of three rounds every 25 seconds. It is also has a secondary 7.62 mm machine gun.

Other features include an auxiliary power supply, which enables the crew to fire projectiles even with the engine turned off, conserving fuel, a vital asset in war when supply lines are threatened or not guaranteed.

A Nigerian soldier sits atop a Palmaria 155 SPH.
A Nigerian soldier sits atop a Palmaria self propelled howitzer.
A journalist embeded with the Nigerian Army during operations in Nigeria's northeast.
A reporter embedded with the 301 Field Artillery Regiment.
Nigerian troops encircle Camp Zero, cutting of enemy communication, escape route, and re-supply as ground forces prepare for an assault. Inert: Three Palmaria self propelled howitzer and one Roland mobile surface to air missile.
155mm self propelled howitzer at the Eagle Square parade ground, Abuja

Roland Mobile Short Range Surface to Air Missile System.

Nigeria’s most mobile SAM system is the Roland tactical surface to air missile system. This system is adapted to protect mobile combat formations and high value targets. It has an operational range in excess of 8,000 m and a flight altitude of 5,500 m. It has a detection range of 20 kilometres


A Roland 2 Short Range air defence missile. There are 18 Roland 2 system in service with the Nigerian Army.

2017-10-02 01.17.41.png


The system comprises of a rotating turret of a radar warning antenna, radar target tracking and missile optical and infrared tracking system.

The second component comprises of the missile launcher with a radar target detection, radar target tracking and two missile revolver with eight missiles launch containers in elevator planes that is done automatically via the target tracking azimuth.

How does it work?

2017-10-01 21.48.19.png
The Roland SAM system was designed to engage enemy air targets flying at speeds of up to Mach 1.3 at altitudes between 20 meters and 5,500 meters with a minimum effective range of 500 meters and a maximum of 6,300 meters.
Command post and launcher. Incoming targets are detected by a pulse-doppler surveillance radar at a range of 16 km (10 miles), and as soon as the target is determined to be a threat, the vehicle stops and the launch turret is turned in the target’s
Mast mounted radar vehicle and launcher.

The Roland has a dual surveillance system and a triple target tracking system.
Crew of the Roland Mobile SAM system.
The crew of tbe Roland consists of three men. Two arm beams each carry missiles in its launch tube, and two ammunition stores for munitions for automatic loading unto the beams.
The crew of tbe Roland consists of three men. Two arm beams each carry missiles in its launch tube, and two ammunition stores for munitions for automatic loading unto the beams.
The Roland missile is a two stage solid propelant with multiple hollow charge fragmentation warhead that contains 3.5 kg of explosives.
The Roland 2 missile is an all weather It can be detonated by impact or proximity fuse.

The missile is delivered in a sealed container which is also the launch tube. Each launcher carries two launch tubes with 8 more inside the vehicle or shelter with automatic reloading in 10 seconds.


The system can operate in optical or radar mode and can switch between these modes during an engagement. A pulse-doppler search radar with a range of 15–18 km detects the target which can then be tracked either by the tracking radar or an optical tracker.
The Roland 2 has a cruising speed of Mach 1.6 and a projectile explosive have a lethal radius of 6 metres.  Typical interception time from firing to airborne target destruction at a distance of 8km is 10.3s.  Once the missile acquires and lock unto an aircraft there is little the pilot of the target aircraft can do other than to try and out fly the missile or eject.

CH-3 Rainbow Attack Drone. 

The CH-3 drone is made by China’s Aerospace Science and Techmology Corporation. It features Chinese variant of the Hellfire missile, YC-200 guided bombs and AR-1 airbto ground missile.

BLG-66 Beluga Cluster Bombs.

The Belouga cluster bomb is a terrifying weapon. It is an air dropped bomb that carries 152 66 mm bomblets. Upon release by an aircraft it elects smaller explosive bomblets of various types. It could be general purpose fragmentation munitions for use against vehicles, parked aircraft in addition to also dumps; HEAT for use against AFVs; interdiction for use against airfields, harbors etc. 

During peacekeeping operations in Liberia the Nigerian Air Force employed Belouga cluster bombs, a 628 pound munition that dispersed 152 small bomblets by parachute.


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