These are all the Weapons Made in Nigeria.

The development of Nigeria’s indegenous defense industry is the top priority for the Buhari administration after Nigeria was subjected to a series of embarassment by Nigeria’s supposed ally, the United States and South Africa in its desperate bid to aquire and replace weapons lost to attrition in its seven year military campaign against the world’s deadliest terrorist group – Boko Haram.

Given its status as one of Africa’s most powerful countries, Nigeria should have long come of age for the internal satisfaction of her defence needs, at the basic level at least.

Advanced Aviation Design and Development.


As recently as 2012, Nigeria lagged woefully behind South Africa in unmanned aerial vehicles technology. Fast forward today Nigeria is in near parity, and now produces and export drones. The GULMA UAE was conceptualized and built by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology and went into full production in 2014. Over fifty have thus far been produced.


Composition : Alluminuim alloy structure.

Power : 17 Horsepower engine.

Control : Radio control on a Micro Pilot FCS avionics systems.

Maximum cruising range : 923 km. 

Flight speed : 86 knots.

Flight ceiling : 10,000 feet.

Endurance : 6.8 hours.


Built by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology.


Nigerian Navy’s goal of self reliance in shipbuilding.

Conceptualized Karaduwa.



Named ARA (Yoruba for Thunder)

Proforce Nigeria is West Africa’s premier Defence Manufacturer. In August 2017 Profoce Nigeria unveiled Nigeria’s first combat ready MRAP optimised for the African market.The Nigerian Army have signified interest, with nine units already undergoing pleriminary trials and evaluation with the Nigerian Army in the North East. PROFOCE has already supplied the Rwandan Army and the United Nations with APC’s.


Engine : 218 at 2200rpm.

Gear : Allison 6 speed automatic.

Maximum speed : 113 km/h.

Fuel capacity : 200 litres

Armament : 13.7 mm machine guns.

 7.62 mm machine guns with rotary turret. 

Mark15 automatic grenade launcher.

Export Customer 



United Nations.


This vehicle incorporates 360 degrees of ballistic armour protection.


Entire passenger compartment is protected with ballistic steel (Hard Armour) or composite materials (soft armour) with protective overlaps on all joints to prevent an orifice for the penetration of bullets or EFPs.
All fuel tanks armoured and sealed to withstand bullet strikes, IEDs and hand grenades

Floor protected throughout with ballistic steel or anti-blast blankets to repel shocks from blasted grenades and buried bombs.
All window glasses replaced with multi-layered bullet resistant glasses with anti-spall splinter films.
Front fenders are armoured to protect against side impact bullets.

Battery is protected with armour.

All door hinges are reinforced to minimize stress of added weight.

Protection of exhaust pipe

Powered glass operations about 30mm if required

PROFOCE PF2 Amoured Personnel Carrier.

This armoured vehicle is made to provide adequate amoured mobility for army troops and Law Enforcement Agents in a hostile environment. It is the vehicle of choice for the Nigerian Army Medical Corp because if its speed, ruggedity and versatility.

Protection Specifications. 

The engine compartment is armoured protected with ballistic steel to CEN Level B6+, 7.62 x 51 NATO Ball and all lesser threats to include AK47 7.62 x 39 Soft Core to the vertical surfaces and hood at 60° to the material.
All 5 wheels are fitted with run-flat system. Floor/Fuel Tanks: Armouring of the floor and double Fuel tanks give protection in excess of STANAG 4569 Level 1 to withstand L2A2 grenades for enhanced under-body protection.
8 crew gun-ports installed: 3 -left side/3 -right side /2 -rear cabin.

A roof mounted armour protected escape hatch, provides increased awareness of security situation for the personnel on board at all times

Export Customer 


United Nations.


Built by Nigerian Army engineers,  the IGIRIGI is Nigeria’s first Defense related export, with the Libyan army acquiring 134 IGIRIGI APC.

Export Customer 



United Nations.

134 IGIRIGI APC delivered to the Libyan Army

Innoson IVM G-12 Special Purpose Vehicle.

Locally Fabricated Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

In a bid to enhance troop movements across the vast often desolate terrain of the 66,000 sqr km Sambisa forest, Nigerian Army engineers came up with a light, agile and fast fighting vehicle.

During Operation Lafya Dole, %40 of the Nigerian Army’s personnel carriers were rendered useless due to the loose, marshy terrain that made it difficult for heavy vehicles to transverse when it rains. In warfare mobility is everything, soldiers becoming easy targets for enemy snipers when they are stuck. Nigeria lost more vehicles to difficult terrain than to enemy fire.

Soldiers become sitting ducks for concealed snipers when their protective vehicles get stuck in mud loose earth.
Soldiers become sitting ducks for concealed snipers when their protective vehicles get stuck in mud loose earth.

The Nigerian Army needed a new vehicle that will capable of going places amoured vehicles can’t go while packing enough machine gun fire power to suppress and take out the enemy.

Nigerian Army engineers came up with an ingenious design. Compromising amour protection for mobility, this new design was perfect for scouting and exploiting breakthroughs with enough firepower to handle enemy infantry and light armoured trucks.


General Purpose Machine Gun.

Automatic Grenade Launcher,


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